About Us

Each member of Team WayBlazer brings their own expertise to the table, collectively driving the platform’s success in revolutionizing the way people plan and experience their travels with the power of AI.


Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Travel search is impersonal and cumbersome. We are creating a far more engaging travel e‑commerce experience that converts and helps our users in easy traveling.

Our Platform.

Users can seamlessly search and chat with our platform using natural language, which understands context and intent. WayBlazer then recommends the best destinations and products such as packages, hotels, vacation rentals, cruises, tours, and more. Each recommendation dynamically ranks and merchandises the most relevant images and reviews for every user.

Our People.

We are a team of travelers and technologists. Our talent includes some of Austin’s top minds in the fields of data infrastructure, machine learning, data science, and computational linguistics

Our Founders.

WayBlazer was founded in 2022 by Sarah Michell and Alex Patel who were travel enthusiasts and wanted to find an easy way to build itineraries.

Our Team

Who We Are

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell is the visionary behind the cutting-edge technology that powers WayBlazer’s AI trip planner. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence, she brings unparalleled expertise to the team. Sarah’s journey in AI-driven travel began during her research on natural language processing at a prestigious research institute. Her passion for seamless user experiences and travel led her to co-found WayBlazer. As CTO, she oversees the development of the platform’s intricate algorithms, ensuring travelers receive personalized and enriching recommendations for their dream vacations.

Alex Patel

Alex Patel, a marketing maven with a deep-rooted passion for wanderlust, is the driving force behind WayBlazer’s global presence. With a degree in Marketing and years of experience in the travel industry, Alex spearheads the company’s branding, outreach, and user engagement strategies. His knack for storytelling and data-driven decision-making has propelled WayBlazer to the forefront of the AI travel planning domain. Alex’s commitment to making every user’s journey memorable is reflected in the platform’s intuitive interface and tailored recommendations.

Dr. Emily Collins

Dr. Emily Collins, a Ph.D. holder in Data Science and Machine Learning, is the analytical brain behind WayBlazer’s intelligent trip recommendations. Her academic achievements and extensive research background in predictive analytics and recommendation systems make her an invaluable asset to the team. Emily’s role as Chief Data Scientist involves overseeing the collection, analysis, and interpretation of vast amounts of travel-related data. Her dedication to optimizing WayBlazer’s algorithms ensures travelers receive insightful and personalized itineraries that align with their preferences and aspirations.

Javier Ramirez

Javier Ramirez is the creative force behind the seamless and enjoyable user experience that WayBlazer offers. With a background in Interaction Design and Human-Computer Interaction, Javier brings a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality to the team. His innovative design thinking has shaped WayBlazer’s interface into an inviting space for travelers to explore, plan, and dream. As Chief User Experience Officer, Javier collaborates closely with the development and data teams to ensure that every interaction with WayBlazer’s platform is intuitive, visually appealing, and ultimately transformative.