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Cryptocurrency tourism
According to ING International Survey analysts, only 6% of all travelers worldwide were willing to pay in bitcoin when traveling in 2020.
You don't waste time looking for money exchangers
You choose a place you like
It's profitable
What is cryptocurrency?
The term "cryptocurrency" refers to digital forms of currency.
It is created and transmitted using cryptographic methods, mostly based on blockchain technology.

"Coins" are initially issued electronically, literally by performing mathematical calculations.

In simple words, a cryptocurrency is an artificial payment system, equated to real money, with an official exchange rate.
Cryptocurrency tourism owes a lot to programmer Felix Weiss, who was one of the first to prove to himself and the world that with only digital coins in your wallet, you can see almost the whole world.

He made an unusual experiment back in 2015, when he visited 27 countries and paid only in bitcoins.

It wasn't an easy journey, but Weiss' experience has inspired many companies to add a new way to pay. Hotels, restaurants, air carriers and booking services around the world began accepting cryptocurrencies.
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