Discover Chikmagalur: A Perfect 3-Day Itinerary

Nestled in the foothills of the Mullayanagiri range, part of the Western Ghats, Chikmagalur is a scenic hill station in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Known as the “coffee land of Karnataka” for its coffee plantations, Chikmagalur offers much more – lush green forests, towering peaks, thundering waterfalls, temples, and breathtaking trekking trails.

If you have 3 days to explore Chikmagalur, you’re in for a treat. This Chikmagalur itinerary will take you to the must-visit spots and hidden gems to make the most of your trip.

Get ready to discover the best of Chikmagalur’s nature, culture, food, and more!

Day 1 in Chikmagalur

Drop by a Coffee Estate

Start your first morning in Chikmagalur by visiting one of the many sprawling coffee estates dotting the hillsides.

Wake up early and head to Aldur Estate. Walk through endless rows of coffee plants while learning about coffee cultivation and tasting freshly brewed coffee and snacks.

Don’t forget to buy some coffee beans or powder as souvenirs!

Afterward, drive 30 minutes to reach the serene Hebbe Falls, surrounded by dense forests and coffee plantations. Spend an hour taking photos, admiring the powerful cascade of water, and exploring the area.

Have lunch at Trivik Hotels and sample authentic Udupi cuisine before checking into your hotel to relax.

Later in the afternoon, visit the 15th century Amrutesvara Temple, known for its ornate stone carvings depicting various Hindu deities. Spend an hour taking in the heritage before driving just 10 mins away to the bustling Chikmagalur town.

Wander through the narrow lanes lined with colorful houses, quaint cafes, street food carts and homegrown handicraft shops.

Try the famous Maddur vada snack paired with a cup of piping hot coffee before calling it a day.

Day 2 in Chikmagalur

Wake up early the next morning and drive 1 hour to reach Kudremukh National Park, the scenic home to wild gaurs, Malabar squirrels and endangered lion-tailed macaques.

Choose from various short nature trails here for a rejuvenating 3-4 hour trek surrounded just bydense forests and clear mountain air.

Pack sandwiches and refreshments for this moderately difficult but immensely rewardingtrek before driving down for lunch.

Post lunch, head out towards Belur Ballalarayana Durga, a colossal 57-ft tall statue of the Hindu goddess Durga, made using over 1000 tons of steel and concrete. Climb the 18 floors to the torch in the goddess’ hand for breathtaking 360° views.

Wrap up your second day with authentic Mangalorean seafood dinner at the popular New Nalapad Residency restaurant in the Chikmagalur town center before calling it a night.

Day 3 in Chikmagalur

Start early on your last day for the pièce de résistance – the 6-hour hike up the highest peak Mullayangiri. At 1930 m, it offers unmatched panoramic vistas of the entire Western Ghats mountain range on clear days.

With an experienced guide assisting you enroute, cherish the abundant nature, gushing streams and colorful wildflowers dotting the trail.

Carry medicinal herbs, berries and rhododendron flowers back as souvenirs of this challenging but extremely rewarding trek.

Once back in town, grab a quick lunch before you set out to explore the sprawling coffee, cardamom and pepper plantations of Seethalayanagiri Hills.

Learn about the various spices and fruits grown here and carry back organic produce to cook back home.

As your trip nears its end, visit the impressive statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the Gandhi Park. Grab steaming cups of Irani chai and munch on Osmania biscuits available at a tiny bakery nearby as you watch the sunset for one last time in Chikmagalur before your return journey.


From coffee estates shrouded in mist to imposing hills carpeted with wilderness, ancient temples to bustling local cafes, there is something for every type of traveler in Chikmagalur.

Follow this comprehensive 3 day Chikmagalur itinerary to uncover the best of the region, making the most of your time here.

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