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Japan Adventure: A 7-Day Itinerary for the Ultimate Experience

Japan is a country that tops many travelers’ bucket lists. From futuristic Tokyo to ancient Kyoto, Japan offers an exciting mix of modern and traditional experiences.

With so much to see and do, planning the ultimate 1-week Japan itinerary can be daunting. This complete 7-day Japan travel guide takes you through the very best this fascinating country has to offer for an unforgettable Japan trip.

Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo

Start your Japan 7 day itinerary in the mega metropolis of Tokyo. Spend your first day getting over jet lag by exploring popular sights like the Tokyo Skytree, Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, and the famous Shibuya Crossing.

Enjoy top-rated sushi and ramen or sample tasty street food like takoyaki as you take in the neon cityscapes at night.

Day 2: Tokyo

On your second day in Tokyo, visit the Imperial Palace and nearby Yasukuni Shrine. Then head over to Harajuku to snap photos of young locals dressed in creative cosplay and avantgarde fashion along Takeshita Street.

Next, cross over to Shinjuku to enter the world’s busiest train station during rush hour and have dinner at a robot restaurant or izakaya pub.

Day 3: Day Trip to Mt. Fuji and Hakone

No one week Japan itinerary is complete without seeing Mount Fuji, the country’s iconic active volcano. Take a bus tour to climb part way up the mountain and admire the stunning views from the 5th station.

After lunch, head over to Hakone to wander around Ashi Lake and ride the Hakone Ropeway for sweeping views of Fuji and the surrounding valley and mountains. Relax by ending the evening at a hot spring ryokan.

Day 4: Kyoto

Board a shinkansen bullet train to Kyoto, Japan’s historic capital filled with well-preserved temples and shrines.

Spend the first part of the day walking along the stone pathways of Fushimi Inari Taisha with its trail of vermilion torii gates winding through the hills.

Then visit the famous Kinkakuji, aka the Golden Pavilion, followed by the ancient Heian Jingu Shrine and its stunning gardens.

Day 5: Kyoto

On your second day in Kyoto, stroll through iconic Arashiyama bamboo grove and feed the monkeys at Arashiyama Monkey Park.

Wander the backstreets of Higashiyama’s quaint Gion district, keeping an eye out for passing geisha and maiko. For sunset, head to Kiyomizudera temple perched on a hillside with panoramic views over the city.

Enjoy an elegant multicourse kaiseki meal featuring delicate Japanese dishes made from seasonal ingredients.

Day 6: Osaka

Make your way south to Osaka, known for its vibrant food culture and characteristically outgoing locals.

Chow down on takoyaki octopus dumplings and okonomiyaki savory pancakes from street food stalls in Dotonbori.

Visit the retro electronics stores and anime shops of Den Den Town or head up to the free observation deck of the Umeda Sky Building for city views.

Catch the evening light show over Osaka Castle or take in a comedy show at an izakaya before turning in for the night.

Day 7: Depart

On your last day, pick up some matcha Kit Kats and other Japanese souvenirs at a train station kiosk to bring a bit of your Japan adventure back home.

Travel to Kansai International Airport via train or bus for your return flight with a suitcase full of wonderful memories to last a lifetime!


With its unique blend of modern and historical sights and experiences Japan makes for an epic and unforgettable one week vacation.

Follow this complete 7 day Japan itinerary covering Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto and Osaka for a trip packed with culture, cuisine and fun that will leave you wanting more!

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