Ultimate Mumbai Travel Itinerary: A Must-See Guide

Mumbai is India’s bustling financial capital and home to Bollywood stars. With a population of over 20 million, Mumbai is a chaotic yet captivating metropolis.

As one of the top tourist destinations in India, Mumbai has no shortage of sights to see. From grand Victorian architecture to colorful bazaars and mouthwatering street food, Mumbai offers an intoxicating experience for travelers.

Planning the perfect Mumbai itinerary can be overwhelming. That’s why I’ve created this must-see travel guide to help you maximize your time in Mumbai.

Follow this ultimate 3-day Mumbai itinerary to visit the city’s highlights and discover its hidden gems. By the end, you’ll understand why Mumbai is called the “City of Dreams!”

Day 1: Explore South Mumbai

South Mumbai is the historic heart of the city. Start your first day at the iconic Gateway of India, a massive archway overlooking Mumbai Harbour.

It was built to welcome King George V in 1911. Snap photos of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel across the street, a stunning example of Indo-Saracenic architecture.

Stroll through the bustling stalls of Crawford Market to taste fresh tropical fruits and browse handicrafts. Make sure to try kala khatta, a black green mango flavor unique to Mumbai.

Next, visit the Prince of Wales Museum to admire its impressive collection of ancient Indus Valley artifacts and replicas of cave temples found in India.

Afterward, browse the stalls at Colaba Causeway for jewelry, clothes, and souvenirs.

End your day with a seaside sunset view and delicious Parsi dinner at Britannia and Co. Restaurant, a Mumbai institution since 1923. Be sure to try the berry pulao and caramel custard!

Day 2: Explore Art & Architecture

Start day 2 at the magnificent Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at the Gothic Revival architecture and intricately carved stone friezes.

Next, take a short taxi ride to visit three of Mumbai’s best art museums. The Jehangir Art Gallery exhibits contemporary Indian art.

The National Gallery of Modern Art houses a world-class collection of Indian modern art. Don’t miss the Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi’s life.

After all that art and history, relax at a beachfront resort in Juhu for lunch. In the evening, watch the sun set behind the Arabian Sea as you stroll along Juhu Beach.

End your night with a Bollywood blockbuster movie at Regal Cinema, the iconic Art Deco theater.

Day 3: Bazaars & Bollywood

On your last day, dive into Mumbai’s markets, food scene, and Bollywood glamour. Start at Chor Bazaar, where you can browse antiques and browse dusty stalls for hidden treasures.

Next, satisfy your appetite at Bombay Sandwich at Bade Miyan. Try their famous keema pav and chai while soaking in the chaotic energy of Mumbai’s street food stalls.

Work off those snacks with a scenic seaside walk on Worli Seaface Promenade. Then do some upscale shopping at Kala Ghoda, home to art galleries, cafes, and boutiques.

End your trip in classic Mumbai style with a Bollywood studio tour. Many studios offer behind-the-scenes looks at set design, costumes, and special effects.

It’s a unique way to glimpse India’s prolific film industry.

Mumbai Travel Tips:

  • November to February are the best months to visit due to comfortable weather. Monsoon season (June-August) brings heavy rain.
  • Always negotiate taxi fares in advance. Auto rickshaws are also very affordable for getting around the city.
  • Mumbai is very safe, but beware of pickpockets in crowded areas. Only take registered taxis or tuk-tuks.
  • Many Mumbai attractions are closed on Mondays, so plan accordingly.

With its intoxicating blend of history, food, art, and culture – Mumbai will leave you enthralled. Follow this 3-day itinerary to experience the very best of this bustling Indian metropolis.

Let me know if you have any other must-see recommendations for visiting Mumbai!

Manvendra Singh
Manvendra Singh

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